The first Talenthouse Media Foundry Report is here

From who is playing games, through what they're playing, to what platforms they're playing on - the first Talenthouse Media Foundry Report is here, and it covers it all.

The world of gaming is an ever-growing, ever-changing beast - so it's good to keep up on what's actually going on across this wildly creative industry.

With that in mind, we've put together the first of our regular Talenthouse Media Foundry Reports - a look across the stats and figures of the games industry, plucking out factors such as the most popular games, where the most growth has been seen demographically (it's over-35s), where the biggest drop has been seen demographically (it's also over-35s), and much more.

This snapshot of stats is the first of what we plan to be many deep dives into the hard numbers behind creative industries, and our Report output will only ever grow over time - we'll dive deeper, get into more detail, and root out more hard numbers for you to pore over.

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