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What are the benefits of showing your game at conventions?

There are plenty of ways to promote your game, and conventions can definitely have a place in your plans says developer Stuart Maine.

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Opinion: What the Death Of Twitter means for indies

As the Twitter shipwreck continues to play out in front of our eyes, Dan Marshall asks: can indie developers manage without the social network?

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The Streaming Apocalypse - are you prepared?

There’s an inevitability, looming on the horizon. Can you see it? Are you terrified of it, yet? You should be.

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Opinion - So Rishi Sunak is a gamer: Should we care?

Ellie Gibson on the PM's fave games, Mario vs Sonic, and the logical next step in reforming our electoral system now democracy is dead.

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How to get your game on digital storefronts

Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop: you need to get your games on those storefronts. Here's how.

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Can you make a cinematic game on a budget?

It's not just the realm of the triple-A studios

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Getting started with Unreal Engine 5

Five tips to hit the ground running with Epic's epic engine

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Opinion: What's the worst game you've ever played?

Ellie Gibson tackles the tough subject of games that aren't fun, shouldn't be fun, or are Gex

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How to get your game noticed by the press, influencers, and players

Eyes on the prize

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Opinion: Survey says - games aren't bad for you

Thing is, survey also says games aren't *good* for you either, as Ellie Gibson discusses.

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Why are you making a video game?

It's all about understanding what the different elements of your game are ‘for’

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Crunch Should Not Survive the Pandemic

Here's why

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HEY! YOU! Make your indie game properly

Indie dev extraordinaire Dan Marshall spills the tea

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Five roles you (might) need to hire to make your game

Critical role.

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Opinion: EA's corporate sass does single-player a disservice

Playing alone is brilliant, actually, says Ellie Gibson.

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What NOT to do when marketing your indie game

You're told over and over what you should do - but what should you avoid doing when trying to sell your game to players?

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Inclusivity: from studio to game design

A conversation with Sally Sheppard of Wyrdren Games

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More than words: translating culture for the world stage

How Dodgeball Academia tackles localisation, bringing local culture to an internationally-released game

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Opinion: PS Plus vs Xbox Game Pass - It’s time to pick a side

Ellie Gibson on modern day gaming rivalries, and why no news is dull news.

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5 common pitfalls to avoid when making your first game

Starting development on your first game? Here are some things to avoid

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Opinion: In 2022 should we still be arguing who is a game developer?

The development of video games is no longer focused purely on developing, says Helen Johnson

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How to develop your community as an indie developer

Building a community is hard work - here's what you can do to keep them interested, happy, and safe.

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Opinion: It's very cool and interesting to be a game developer, actually*

Dan Marshall explains why “and what do you do?” is often the hardest question to answer

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The next vinyl: new games on old formats

A look at the healthy indie scene on 'dead' consoles such as the Dreamcast - is it a viable platform for your game?

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Opinion: Sometimes, real life is no substitute for video games

Ellie Gibson reviews the Tomb Raider Live Experience, and is sad to discover it isn’t a Lara fun

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5 tips for using Unity to make games

As one of the most popular engines, Unity is a great place to start your game development career

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Should you make a demo? Looking at the numbers

Ichigoichie's David Guiseppe Ventura checks out the hard stats behind some of his studio's demo releases - should everyone look to put one out?

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Sound strategy: making a living as an audio designer and composer

A chat with award-winning sound designer and composer, Ross Tregenza, about his route into audio - and the tips he has for those entering the industry

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How to run a successful Kickstarter for your indie game

Independent developers share tales and tips of working in the world of crowdfunded projects

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Staying alive – is GaaS right for your game?

Games as a service isn't just for the massive publishers of the world - indies can get something out of it too

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Opinion: Indies make cuts out of necessity - triple-A devs should do it by choice

Triple-A development needs to take a leaf out of the indie playbook - by thinking smaller

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5 basic mechanics guaranteed to improve your game

Looking for some straightforward ways to improve your game? Here are a few suggestions…

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Building a Steam page for maximum impact

When to publish, how to describe it, what art to use - all important questions, and all answered (among others) right here

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A Sound Career: audio design unlocked

Graeme Mason talks to video game audio veteran Andrew Boyd about the ups and the downs of sound design – and what to expect in the role today

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Opinion: There's no actual shame in a pile of shame

Mid-life crisis? Ellie Gibson says it’s time to let those unplayed games go. (Except Gran Turismo 7)

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Dulling the power of the almighty dollar

A brief chat with New Blood Interactive's Dave Oshry: is 'hating money' a good approach for indies?

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Opinion: My unconventional route into game development (is via film school)

Charles Britton opens up about his early experiences learning to be a game developer - which he's doing at film school

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Should your studio be a cooperative?

Norbert Daniels looks at the benefits, and drawbacks, of a workplace run by everyone.

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Opinion: The second indie boom is modern gaming’s most important event

As the indie anniversaries pile up, it's a good reminder to look back and appreciate what we have - and where it came from.

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Creating a community: Thomas Was Alone turns 10

As the iconic indie game turns 10 years old, creator Mike Bithell looks back on its legacy.

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What's your (gaming) type?

Genre is only one important aspect of designing your game: what type of game it is - simulation, narrative, abstract - matters a lot too.

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The Shore: riding the indie VR wave

Ares Dragonis discusses the challenges of developing a VR title as an indie studio.

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Making the mundane meaningful

The best bits of games might be in everyday rituals and processes, argues Jon Bailes.

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The best marketing channels for indie developers

Facebook or TikTok? Steam as a social platform? Reading about it on Reddit? Helen Carmichael chats with indie experts about the best routes to take when marketing your game.

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The 5 best genres for your first game

Stuck on what your game should actually play like? Have a look at these five suggestions for a bit of inspiration.

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Opinion: Indie game development in a post-Kickstarter world

Centralised platforms can make decisions individuals might not agree with - but is going independent really an option when it comes to crowdfunding? Yes. That's the answer.

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Less talks, more action - ways the industry can step up its diversity game

The important dos and don'ts of ensuring your game dev studio embraces diversity and equity - Muse en Lystrala points out it's about more than just appearing on panels.

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Opinion: Here is the definitive list of the best video games for women. You are welcome.

Ellie Gibson sorts it out once and for all.

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Opinion: Steam Next Fest doesn't solve Valve's indie issues

Independent developer Dan Marshall looks at the impact of Valve's indie-focused event, arguing it doesn't actually favour the smaller titles like the company claims.

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Ideas, designs, and the gap between them

New ideas may come thick and fast, but actually implementing them can be a huge challenge in game development. Stuart Maine looks at how to bridge the idea-design gap.

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The making of Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Developers Greg Lobanov and Em Halberstadt share the many brushstrokes that made 2021's most delightful indie underdog.

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Opinion: does it really matter if a game is 'finished'?

As technology has improved, so has our ability to update and revamp games in an ongoing fashion. Norbert Daniels Jr wonders: is this the best way for indie developers to approach their games?

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VR is very good and I didn't know

When VR came knocking, Dan Marshall initially ignored the call.

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Opinion: Nvidia failed in its attempt take over arm? Good.

It's not just gaming hardware that needs to be saved from the spectre of potential monopolies, though - many dev studios are falling into the sarlacc pit that is consolidation.

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Four small touches that add massive satisfaction to gameplay

A level up ding, a screen-shaking explosion, and more: these are some of the elements of gameplay that'll keep your players coming back for more

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Opinion: "Video games are too bloody long. Yep, even the good ones. Fight me."

Video games that involve hundreds of hours to complete - are they worth it? Ellie Gibson responds to the rage, rage around Dying Light 2 and considers whether long-play games have a place anymore.

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3D Artists are working to progress Black hair representation in video games

A "queer, feminist, pro-Black 3D database of afro hair textures and styles” is working to enhance representation in games

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How to use's Game Jams - and why you should

Every game developer should participate in a game jam at least once in their lives

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The (actual) best free game development tools

There are so many tools to choose from for creating and developing your game. Here are the truly decent options worth knowing about.

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Game Remasters: Cash Grabs or Essential Remakes?

What did the good reboots get right, and where did the bad versions go wrong?

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Indie game studios are changing lives in LATAM with LGBTQ+ games

The motto “all fun and gaymes” is on a rise in Latin America and it is helping reshape not only the industry, but also identities

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Opinion: "Blockchain games in the metaverse could solve our problems"

As NFTs and the metaverse continue to grow, the concept of blockchain games could be the answer to traditional gaming challenges, says one writer. Will tokenomics provide this a seamless transition?

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Opinion: "NFT video games are a bleak, hopeless abyss."

"What if you could earn money playing video games," is being asked by the worst parasites in the tech world today, says one writer.

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How to get a job in the games industry

What are the best routes into the games industry for fresh developers? We talk to industry professionals in several fields to find out.

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The best tools for localising your game

In-house game localisation often leads to an avalanche of spreadsheets. Luckily, we live in the future, and there are tools and services that can do things for us.

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The 3 best social media scheduling tools that will make your life easier

Taking care of social media posting for your game is a full time job, but these social media scheduling tools do the hard work for you.

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The social media you need to produce to promote your game

Even the best game ever made will fail if people don’t hear about it, so what’s the best way to get your game out there?

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The key legal steps you need to take before starting your own game studio

Starting your own game studio can quickly feel overwhelming. Here are the main legal pitfalls to be aware of so that you can sleep soundly.

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Should you self publish your game?

With digital storefronts more accessible than ever before, self-publishing your game is an attractive prospect. But is it worth the extra effort? Let's look at the pros and cons...

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How to connect with investors, publishers and VC firms

It’s one thing to know where you might get funding, and another thing entirely to secure it.

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Do you need to rate your game? (Spoiler: yes, but here's how)

The world of rating systems can be daunting at times, but it’s a necessary part of bringing a game to market.

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How to properly QA your game and avoid an awkward flop

A well-tested game can make the difference between a successful release and a disaster. How do you avoid a review-bombed launch?

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How to localise your game

With the worldwide games market growing day by day, knowing how to best localise your game is more important than ever.

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The best engine choices for developing your game

There's a veritable buffet of engine options on the table. Here's how to choose the one that's right for your game.

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The best distribution routes for your game

There are more places to sell your game than ever before, but which route offers the best potential?

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