Media Foundry: what we do

Empowering Entertainment Creatives to thrive independently

[Image credit: Draugen/Red Thread Games]

Welcome to Talenthouse Media Foundry, a revolutionary new platform that empowers entertainment creatives to thrive independently.

Media Foundry provides scalable access to the capabilities needed to plan, produce, and execute Entertainment Creatives' work without limiting their freedom. Access to the Talenthouse community of 3M+ creatives across 195 countries provides a unique and innovative approach to project development with Media Foundry. Whatever skills you need to bring to your project to get it over the line, Media Foundry will match you with world class talent.

We want entertainment creatives to be able to explore partnership opportunities and resources, connect with other creatives, and crucially access direct, exciting opportunities for revenue beyond games - all while retaining creative control of their IP.

We've established ourselves with expert content, our games analytics tool and exclusive market research, but we’ve got much bigger plans.

Punch above your weight every day by using Talenthouse Media Foundry to be bigger, bolder, and faster. Our services are bespoke and tailored to meet the needs of your next game project – big or small.

Creative Services

  • Animation

  • Sound design

  • Game design

  • Level design

  • Concept art

  • Final art

  • White boxing

  • Narrative storyboarding

  • Marketing and social media content

Tech Services

  • Engine selection

  • QA & localization management

  • Middleware selection

  • Project management

Commercial Services

  • Investor relations

  • Competitor analysis

  • IP Management

  • Music licensing

  • Platform choice

  • Store selection & engagement

  • Release date planning

  • Resource management

  • B2B strategy

  • Marketing and PR

  • Budget management

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