Exclusive: Media Foundry's Games Market Research Report 2021

Covid-19 had a huge impact on the game industry. Here are the essential insights you need.

Post-Covid Europe has seen a predictable dip in game play, as we all slowly emerged from our homes and back into the wild outdoors.

But how many people have abandoned gaming? Who were they, and which consoles were they on? All this and more is answered in our Market Research Report, 2021.

As the pandemic kicked in and we were all forced into our homes and onto our phones, Q2 2020 was an explosive time for gaming. Smartphone game play had a significant uplift, and the entire industry was supporting the most active gamers in-play for the past seven years.

In terms of genre preference, it's worth noting that there was comparably little interest in Survival themed games - we were all too busy trying to survive the actual plague IRL and didn't need to be reminded of it on our consoles. Action-Adventure and Sports - the things we couldn't experience outside - both saw an uptick. As for the Shooters... well, guess we all need to let off some steam.

Check out our Market Research video for more information on player lifts and lulls, genre preference and most enjoyed aspects of gameplay during the pandemic (e.g. tension, exploration, freedom, violence...). You can also learn about:

  • The top 5 games played per country

  • Awareness and participation in eSports

  • Active Gamers by country profile

  • Most-played and highest indexing competitor games for The Sims and Call of Duty

  • Lots of lovely graphs. Great to have on screen if you're in an office near your boss.

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